Right now I’m listening to Timeka Marshall’s new single Right Now (On the Gram) released on 2 November 2018 featuring IzyBeats, who is also the producer, and it has been on repeat for at least one hour. Plus, it’s my second or third listening session within the past six hours. Timeka Marshall’s new song is that good, and to say the least it is a definite dancehall banger with a beautiful sprinkling of tropical vibes that’s on trend currently.

She represents her hometown and the Caribbean pretty well with this massive effort. With the necessary support this earworm of a tune has the potential to hit Billboard Hot 100. Trust me, go listen!

Check out the lyric video, and start posting some of those cheeky quotable parts.

You will be inspired to slide into someone’s DM. Oooh naaa, I’ve been thinking ‘bout touching all night.